Bio: If there's ever a yearning in my heart to do something, it is to write; the most enjoyable thing, yet, the scariest. I choose to share, here, my thoughts as a mother, a wife to a Marine, an achiever of self, above all, a daughter of God, in hopes of becoming a better writer and hush the voice within that says, “Again, another day passed and you failed to write”. I do not use my name so that here, I can write without the distractions of wondering what others would think or say, even the fear of hurting someone’s feelings, since what I write is about real occurrences. If in the process, someone who feels alone is proven not to be; someone who feels like the only one failing, instead, finds company in reading my posts, then that would be more than I expected. I believe we learn from one another, we inspire one another. I would count it an honor to be among one of those in your circle of inspiration.

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